Kuakomekiki is a small, independent company founded in Athens, Greece by Stathis and Christina Andreou in September 2015. We began thinking about publishing child-focused book apps in December 2014, as a result of numerous discussions between a brother and a sister about the ideal job (for us).

After many years working in a Publishing Company we wanted something new, something different. Something that will give us the chance to create a whole new world from the beginning. A chance to create our magical world, a fairytale that you cannot only read but you can be a big part of it. And then the idea of a book app came along with the strong belief that nowadays a 3 years old child can play with an i pad as much and as good as he can play with a ball.

With the aim of creating book apps that encourage children to read for pleasure, but with a strong emphasis on helping them develop their reading skills rather than distracting them only with interactive gimmicks, we decided to take the big journey: publishing high-quality books apps that are attractive to look at and attractive to read. Our concept is to build a library of interactive apps for tablets, smart phones and other touchscreen devices that are based on our small heroine, Nelly and her little pet Tayle. An adventurous girl with flying shoes and a big heart!

For that reason we decided to focus especially on writing good stories and making pictures that are a true piece of art. The creation of pictures with pencils and colors, not buttons, gave to our books this undeniable feeling of handmade. Technology and Art in a new, magical combination.

We make innovative, multimedia and artistic apps that are specially created to take advantage of the devices facilities and to tell age-focused stories in a simple but intriguing way. Our goal is to give children a chance to love reading experience in new, engaging ways. Reading can be the most interesting thing a child can do.

Christina Andreou

She writes the stories, directs the illustrations, manages the public relations and advertising, has nice ideas, black eyes and in general she mingles in everything and insists on everything. Without her it doesn’t work.

Stathis Andreou

He does the programming, composes the music and designs the sound effects, contributes to the forming of the story with vital comments, makes good coffee, coordinates and supervises the production of the app from a to z. Without him, the chaos.

Maria Bacha

She draws, she draws, she draws. She does not complain, does not whine, she has endless inspiration and she is funny. She is the dream painter/illustrator of every ambitious childrens’ books’ dreamer-publisher. Without her things are grey…