Betsy the little witch-chef

Horribly Delicious!

Not all the recipes are the same. There are delicious recipes, but there are also recipes horribly, disgustingly, terribly… delicious! And if you are a witch-chef and you expect respect for your bad reputation from your magician friends, you should always try recipes that are scary, funny, peculiar and… spicy enough! That’ s why when Betsy decided to throw a party in her house in the woods she tried to surprise her friends with a notorious recipe of the famous wizard- chef Jamie Yucks: the Legendary Dragon Breath Chili! Despite of all the difficulties (an unexpected black out and a missing secret ingredient) Betsy will make it on time and her delicious magic recipe will thrill her little magician friends!


  • Story:
    Christina Andreou
  • Illustration:
    Maria Bacha
  • Original music:
    Stathis Andreou

Coming Soon!