Nelly & Tayle: Book One

The secret of the winged sneakers

In the first story of the «Nelly & Tayle» series, Nelly, a little girl with love for adventure and a big heart, goes to the country at grandma Mary’s house, along with her tiny pet friend Tayle, a fluffy tarsius. There, in the attic, full of web cobs, the two of them will discover – with the help of Mrs. Batula the bat and her husband, Mr. Scott the spider – an old chest. Inside that chest she will find a precious gift waiting for her. A gift left by grandpa Miltiades the pilot, to help her always do the right thing.


ISBN 978-618-82224-0-3

  • Story:
    Christina Andreou
  • Illustration:
    Maria Bacha
  • Original music:
    Stathis Andreou
  • Voice acting for the English language:
    Monica McShane
  • Voice acting for the Greek language:
    Annie Doumouzi

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