Nelly & Tayle: Book Two

Catch the Thief!

In the second story of the «Nelly & Tayle» series, Nelly has gone to the chicken coop to pick up some eggs for the apple pie grandma Mary is preparing in the kitchen. She will discover, however, that somebody has stolen not only the eggs from the chickens, but also the milk, the flour, the sugar, the butter and the cinnamon from the kitchen bench as well! Without wasting any time, our little friend, along with Tayle, will try to solve the mystery by following the traces the thief leaves behind, which lead them to the ancient oak tree in the forest. That is, to the hideout of Remi, the mischievous weasel…


ISBN 978-618-82224-1-0

  • Story:
    Christina Andreou
  • Illustration:
    Maria Bacha
  • Original music:
    Stathis Andreou
  • Voice acting for the English language:
    Monica McShane
  • Voice acting for the Greek language:
    Annie Doumouzi

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